Enjoy Nature Enjoy Nature

Our varied landscape provides plentiful opportunities for a range of activities that allow you to get back to nature and truly absorb the outdoors. The mighty Condamine River weaves through Our Western Downs, serving a multitude of uses from water sports and fishing, to tranquil camping sites and bird watching. Chinchilla Weir, Caliguel Lagoon south of Condamine, and Lake Broadwater near Dalby, are favourite local spots for waterskiing. You can find fishing enthusiasts at various locations including Tara Lagoon, Archers Crossing on the Condamine River east of Chinchilla, and Gil Weir on Dogwood Creek south of Miles. Experience the beauty of the rare waterlilies that can be found at Chinaman's Lagoon in Miles and Brigalow Creek in Meandarra.


If you like fishing, discover a secret hole in one of our many creeks, rivers and dams. Golden perch (yellow belly), jewfish, silver perch, freshwater crayfish (yabbies) and the famous Condamine (Murray) cod can all be found within the Western Downs. For more information and a map, collect a copy of "Fishing and Camping in Queensland's Western Downs" from our local Visitor Information Centres.

The Best Spots for Fishing are:

  • Moonie River, Flinton
  • Rocky Waterhole, Moonie
  • Brigalow Creek, Meandarra
  • Tara Lagoon, Tara
  • Condamine River, Condamine
  • Caliguel Lagoon, Condamine
  • Gil Weir, Miles
  • Dogwood Creek, Miles
  • Drillham Creek, Drillham
  • Juandah Creek, Wandoan
  • Chinchilla Weir, Chinchilla
  • Rocky Creek, Chinchilla
  • Archers Crossing, Chinchilla
  • Jandowae Dam, Jandowae
  • Warra Weir, Warra
  • Myall Creek, Dalby


Water Sports

Following the 'big wet', one of our favourite past times is water sports. These include canoeing, waterskiing and boating in one of the many waterways, lagoons, lakes, dams and weirs that are located throughout Our Western Downs. Catch up with a local at a Visitor Information Centre for details on the best spots for your chosen sport.

The Best Spots for Water Sports are:

  • Chinchilla Weir, Chinchilla
  • Lake Broadwater, Dalby
  • Caliguel Lagoon, Condamine
  • Jandowae Dam, Jandowae

Bird Watching

For a leisure activity that is both addictive and contagious, join us in some bird watching. Our Western Downs attracts some rarer species as we border western desert and eastern coastal areas, with cooler climates in the south and sub-tropical climates to the north. Some rarer bird species include the painted honeyeater, the grey-crowned babbler and the glossy black cockatoo.

The Best Spots for Bird Watching are:

  • Lake Broadwater Conservation Park, Dalby
  • Southwood National Park, Southwood
  • Waterloo Plain Environmental Park, Wandoan
  • Brigalow Creek, Meandarra
  • Tara Lagoon, Tara
  • Chinaman's Lagoon, Miles
  • Chinchilla Weir, Chinchilla