Juandah Historical Site Juandah Historical Site

92 Windeyer Road, Wandoan
Phone: Dinah Fraser c/o (07) 4627 4191

A truly unique slice of history, this is the original site of the Juandah Head-Station, the heart of a settlement which later became known as Wandoan. Juandah Station was established in the late 1840s and reportedly employed up to 80 stockmen in its prime to run up to 50,000 head of cattle. At full running capacity, Juandah Station included a woolshed, hay shed, meat house, blacksmith's shop, carpenter's shop, stables, shearer's hut, six men's huts, the large station store, as well as the 8-room homestead and kitchen building with its dining room and laundry. At the Juandah Historical Site you will find some of these original buildings still standing, including the old Juandah Store, built in the 1850s, which contains a room that later became the first school room for the area. Also of interest at the Historical Site is the carefully retained fireplace and chimney of the original homestead kitchen, which was attached to the residence by a walkway. Various rooms and remnants of the homestead and other structures are carefully sign-posted at their original sites.

The Juandah Historical Site also hosts a Folk Museum of local heritage items and social history. Here you can peruse various photographs of Juandah Station in operation and learn more about the life of the Wandoan District, from the exploits of Ludwig Leichhardt in 1844 to the intriguing stories of the Soldier Settler Land Ballots in the 1950s.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm
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