Rodeo, Campdraft and Outback Events Rodeo, Campdraft and Outback Events

The sports of rodeo and campdraft in Australia were born in the bush, with outback stockmen and drovers testing their skills in informal competitions to prove their horsemanship abilities. The first formal competitions of campdraft and rough-riding events occurred in the 1880s and today these sports are alive and well as the quintessential form of country entertainment in Our Western Downs.

Another well received social event at country recreation grounds is a polocrosse meet. The modern game of polocrosse was developed here in Australia in the late 1930s and remains a popular sport in Our Western Downs. The Australian Stock Horse, renowned for its versatility, endurance and agility in the rugged landscape of outback Australia, is the most popular breed for this sport and each year our regional centre of Dalby hosts one of Queensland's largest Stock Horse sales.

We boast a year-round calendar packed full of the events that typify life on the land, providing ample opportunity for you to embrace the lifestyle that has been shared by generations of families in our region.

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