Towns Surrounding Dalby Towns Surrounding Dalby


Population:  300 (approx.)
Elevation:  491m
GPS Coordinates:  26.93oS; 151.45oE

The beautiful little town of Bell is nestled in the foothills of the Bunya Mountains and is an ideal place to base yourself as you explore Our Western Downs. Bell was established in 1906, coinciding with the opening of the railway line, and was named in honour of Joshua Peter Bell, owner of Jimbour Station. Most farmers engaged in dairying and railed their produce to the dairy factory in Dalby. By 1920, a town of about 500 people had grown. A noticeable decline in population occurred in the 1960s as dairying fell away to be replaced by sheep and grain production. 

Large silos now form a backdrop to Bell, along with the best panoramic views of farming plains in Our Western Downs. These views are particularly beautiful from Cody's Hill. A snapshot of our heritage can be found in our Bell Railway Heritage Parkland, as well as Popey's Shed, where you will find a classic collection of restored engines. If you are an art enthusiast, you will enjoy a visit to our Catholic Church. Built in 1912, Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church features the religious art works of local artist Megg Cullen. A series of eight murals depicts the story of salvation as told in the bible and the gardens surrounding the building include plants from biblical times. Stop in at the Bell Bunya Community Centre where you will find our Visitor Information Centre, the Bluebelles Art Gallery and a quaint coffee shop where you can indulge in some true country cooking with freshly baked delights and great coffee. 



Population:  100 (approx.)
Elevation:  393m
GPS Coordinates:  26.06oS; 151.43oS

Recognised as the town with the longest single name in Queensland and affectionately known by locals as "The Bun", Kaimkillenbun was also established with the railway branch line from Dalby. The Dalby-Kaimkillenbun-Bell line coincided with government surveys for a town site here and at Bell in 1906. Kaimkillenbun is a local Aboriginal word signifying the rim of the moon coming over the horizon and Cumkillenbar (a derivative of the word) was a sheep station carved out of nearby Jimbour Station in the late 1840s. The Bun Pub was built in 1911 by local farmer Edwin Higgs and retains an original panel of wall which local soldiers signed before their departure to the battle fields of World War Two. Our quaint old pub's biggest claim to fame was being used as a set in the 1983 Nicole Kidman movie "Chase through the Night". Today, Kaimkillenbun is home to an engineering firm that manufactures equipment for the agricultural industry.  



Population:  10 (approx.)
Elevation:  337m
GPS Coordinates:  27.02oS; 151.09oE

Macalister is a major grain handling depot and coal loading facility. You can see the grain silos on the right of the highway when heading west and the coal loading facility on your left. The coal crosses the highway overhead to the railway line on the right, transporting the "black gold" and grain to export markets from the ports on the east coast of Queensland.