Tara and District Historic Sites Tara and District Historic Sites


Walk of Remembrance Garden

A beautiful garden of 49 Spotted Gums, each having a plaque commemorating a member of the armed services who have resided in the Tara region.  A central feature on the walkway pays homage to the following battles: Sudan, 1885; South Africa War, 1899-1902; Boxer Rebellion, 1900-1901; First World War, 1914-1918; Second World War, 1939-1945; Korean War, 1950-1953; Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960; Vietnam War, 1962-1972; Gulf War, 1990-1991; and Peace-Keeping, 1947-Present.

Location: Tara Lagoon Parklands, Showground Road, Tara

Settlers Park

A walkway and garden commemorating our first settlers featuring a tree with the family's name and rock cairn signifying the location of their settlement.

Location: Tara Lagoon Parklands, Showground Road, Tara


Tara Honour Board and Memorial Cenotaph

A timber honour board located at the front of the hall and a sandstone cenotaph commemorate the wars in which our local diggers served. 

Location: Tara Memorial Hall, Fry Street, Tara

Bertie Barden Clock

In commemoration of the long standing support from the Councillor, Bertie Barden, a clock in his honour was placed at the front of the Tara Memorial Hall.

Location: Tara Memorial Hall, Fry Street, Tara

Meandarra War Memorial

A brick memorial in honour of the fallen who served in battles throughout Australia's history.

Location: Sara Street, Meandarra

"Me & Darra" (Sculpture)

A statue representing one of the theories on how our town name was derived - a swaggie was asked 'Who lives here?', and replied 'Me and Darra', Darra being his dog.

Location: Sara Street, Meandarra

Meandarra Railway Siding

This was the original railway station for Meandarra along the Dalby-Glenmorgan rail extension.  Established in 1912 it was relocated to its current position in Apex Park in 2004.

Location: Leo Gordon Apex Park, Walton Street, Meandarra

End of the Line Railway Siding

A railway extension line from Tara to Surat was approved by parliament in December 1914 to service dairy and sheep farms en route. The line never reached Surat but four short stages opened progressively as far as Glenmorgan over the ensuing 17 years. The original station now accommodates much of our local history.

Location: Surat Development Road, Glenmorgan

Glenmorgan RSL Honour Board

An honour board in remembrance of the local served and returned soldiers of World War II

Location: Returned Soldiers Memorial Hall, Godfrey Street, Glenmorgan

Lufkin Pump

Signifying the importance of the oil fields in Moonie's history.

Location: Rural Transaction Centre, Corner of Moonie and Leichhardt Highways, Moonie